Services & Specialties

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  • Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding
  • Image Perception Assessment
  • Business Reputation Management


  • Print Ad Development Consultation
  • Website Design Format Development Specialist Service
  • Supervision of Final Offset Printing Production Service

        Collateral  Development:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentation Material
  • How to Launch Products
  • How to Capture Leads
  • Sales Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Translation Service Center 

         Sales Consultation Services:

  •  Sales Team Coaching Service
  •  Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
  •  Specialty Guest Speaker    

          Video Production: 
  •   Video Production for Websites: Facility Tour, Staff Interview & Product Branding
  •   2-hour Minimum: Rate $265 Per Hour
  •   Editing Services 
  •   Script -Consultation Service

Increase your sales and profits for any business! 
Low-cost automated: Sales Presentation Tool

Of course, you could simply hire us to complete any number of online web services. However, when a business is first developing; finances may be limited. Retaining a small business consultant for an hourly fee may be a more affordable solution and may provide an invaluable strategic direction by which to proceed with your venture. Online International Marketing Consultants.Com offers affordable/viable/vital internet marketing planning to assist your business/company in developing a visionary plan to build a profitable internet business! Working together as a team provides you, the client/customer, a full line of 
online web services products through our Affiliate Program in IMMACC.  

*To help ensure the success of your business!*       

Is An Internet Marketing Consultant Affordable?

Considering the cost of a Small Business Consultant: 

Online International Marketing Consultants.Com: 

When calculating the cost of our service: Evaluate the assets/benefits/profits our service will bring to your business/company. Evaluate your current techniques as to their effectiveness: The affordable/reasonable cost of our Online Marketing Consultant service may alleviate the high/unnecessary cost in *Lost Income* to your business.

Prior To The Initial Marketing Consultation Appointment:

  • E-Mail us with a specific list of questions which you would like addressed.
  • Please be as detailed as possible in describing the exact challenges you face:
  • In describing any related information which may assist us to meet your business needs:  
  • And in describing  the service you currently use to advertise.
  • Please provide us with the number of actual website page hits you receive per month.
  • Please review our terms/conditions. 

*Businesses located on the central coast of California may e-mail a request for a Free 15 minute consultation with a company representative! Please include requested information in the prior to the initial consultation appointment specifications above.*           

Basic consultation services fees $265.00/hour: Billed in 15 minute increments:

 To make a payment on your account please refer to the Contact Us  page check out section.

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