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Language Translation: Is a process involving writing source language material into a target language and making it appear to have been originally written in that language! With the advent of new technology; clients require that their academic/business/ government partners comprehend/understand their needs through their language in every custom/dialect/nuance! Machine Translation (MT): Is one method of obtaining a “rough” translation of material from one language to another: It is used to obtain the “gist” of the message: Google Translate is a free MT/or automatic translation which many use.


Google Translate:

Google's free online Language translation service instantly translates text/web pages: This translation supports English/Afrikaans/Albanian/Arabic/Etc.: 


 Simply cut and paste your information into the box: 


In some instances, we are able to use MT as a tool for our translators to use! We find that in these certain instances, it can speed up the translation process; which will result in lower pricing for our clients! However, the personal touch of a human translator is necessary when total accuracy is required.

With a database of over one-thousand-one-hundred (1,100) human translators in more than forty (40) countries; we assist you to obtain the accuracy you require.

    The Following Languages and Others are Included:


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* Online marketing plans include the integration of key words. If you are of another culture; you may have an advantage. You may market with your Language’s key words.

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